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I'm Chelcie Scott


I guide women on the journey of self-discovery using faith and fitness to break the chains of physical, mental, and spiritual bondage.

My mission is to help high-achieving women create simple lifestyle systems that help them prioritize their well-being and break cycles of self-sabotage.

"I finally discovered peace when I truly forgave myself and started loving my journey for everything it was and will be."

My passion for wellness ignited the day I had my daughter, Eva. I found myself at my heaviest weight in a cycle of unrealistic expectations and self-comparison.


My first attempt to get back on track was physical fitness, thinking that if I looked better, everything else would follow suit.


I reached my goal but still found myself stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled. I knew I had to do the real work, the inner work.


I needed to forgive myself and take real action to move forward. 


I removed myself from an unhealthy relationship and began rebuilding myself again...

This time mentally, spiritually, and physically.


I found joy and freedom in taking agency over my life, and I'm eager to help hard-working women discover the freedom and happiness they deserve.


All it takes is one step! 

My Core Values


Together, we create sustainable systems that focus on the whole picture: your nutrition, spirituality, and physical health. You will discover ways to prioritize your health that feel good, bring you joy, and improve your life overall.


Sisterhood is part of the package! When you work with me, you join a community of ambitious, high-achieving women with a common goal: bettering ourselves and embracing wholeness.


Keeping God at the forefront of our journey, we lean on faith to push through peaks and valleys on our path to your wholeness. Change is not easy, but with God, anything is possible, and as His daughter, you deserve a life you love! 


Lifting you up and building your inner strength as you take agency over your life. From empowering daily messages to all-inclusive retreats, my goal is to awaken your self-confidence and help you take claim over your peace and happiness.

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