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A step-by-step online coaching program for women who lead and believe; desire to look and feel good, both inside and out, but also desire to unlock powerful mindset shifts and uncover deep-rooted limiting beliefs.

Learn how to release from striving to thrive in your circumstances and building the life you always desired with your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with God.

So you’re ready to finally declutter your life, break free from constant striving, and foster a state of thriving in your life, faith, and fitness.


Hey, I'm Chelcie Scott


I’m here to help you build a WHOLESOME relationship with your body so you can see and feel the results you’ve been striving for.

It's time to stop self-sabotaging and repeating unhealthy cycles and start syncing your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

Stop and read this before going any further…

"Chelcie not only provided both [accountability and change] but also a sense of urgency, humor, and personal attention."

I started working out with Chelcie in the late Summer of 2018. I’d hit a plateau on my own and was looking for accountability and a change. Chelcie not only provided both but also a sense of urgency, humor, and personal attention. I continue to come back because Chelcie is intentional about not just the movements, but making sure you understand what you are doing and how that affects your body. I love that I can use what she shares on my own. It motivates me to keep going.  


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Imagine if you could...

Learn proper form for exercises so you can show up confidently in your body

+ Start to study and read your Bible with understanding and insight about your personal relationship with God

Create a routine for your well-being with EASE!

Eat (and enjoy) the right foods for your body

Prioritize your well-being with self-care rituals and habits you always felt like you “didn’t have time for”

All while discovering your God-given
so you have the motivation to stay
 consistent and move forward toward your goals.

What would that be worth?

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Look, I know that you’re responsible for a lot in your life.

Just like the rockstar you are, you’re working on some big personal goals while also looking after your loved ones and moving up in your career.


However, up until this point, you’re really just surviving instead of thriving.


See, you believe that - to get results - you must practice “more discipline” and willpower, but you’re too busy striving for perfection, giving up the foods you love, that you've become blind to the truth…


You're creating an impossible situation for yourself.


But I’m not here to judge, it’s not your fault.


Most days, you begin and end in overwhelm. 

You’re exhausted from putting others first.


Consistency and sticking with a plan feel impossible, keeping you stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping.

Trying to grow closer to God and be completely transformed - but distractions, anxiety, and negative thinking are getting in the way?


And, worst of all, you’re at a place where you are disappointed with yourself - inside and out.


This is the typical experience of the modern woman, and it’s keeping you from achieving the body and spirituality you want.

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Alright, let’s come to Jesus for a minute

You’re looking at your body from the wrong lens.

Rather than being frustrated with your body,

it’s time to start building a relationship with her. 


It’s perfectly okay to take one step at a time while you invite

God and grace in to build the healthy habits and lifestyle you desire.

CS - Striving to Thriving Logo - White.png

A faith and fitness program for professional, high-achieving women of faith who not only want to look and feel good, both inside and out, but also desire to unlock powerful mindset shifts and uncover deep-rooted limiting beliefs.

When you apply the system in STT, you will learn to make yourself a guilt-free priority while also intentionally building a lifestyle that serves both you and your family.

Unlike many fitness programs that toss you some videos and leave you to your own devices, with STT, you will receive accountability training with me monthly.


Together we'll dig into the nitty-gritty, building a healthy and holistic relationship with your body and mind so you can align, elevate, and achieve maximum results physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Striving to Thriving follows my 4-Step Approach:

The STT method flows and maintains balance to productively, effectively, and effortlessly yield freedom in your faith and fitness journey. Discovering the treasures of successful weight loss, a leaner and firmer body, reduced stress, improved health, increased confidence, and enhanced energy.


Step 1: Audit

Assess habits and uncover the mindset you need to take you where you want to go.


Clear away outdated messages and align yourself with God's truths about you.


Step 2: Build

Test your current fitness level, measure your current strength, cardio, flexibility & balance.


Intentially invite God in all your ways with building a relationship with your body and nutrition that works for your lifestyle.


Step 3: Release

Clarify your current priorities and create productive systems that eliminate the stress and uncertainty.


Identify and break the cycles of striving .


Step 4: Scale

Learn to trust in your renewed relationship with your body and your new, imperfect wellness journey. 

Routinely evaluate your goals and use personal routines to keep yourself balanced and thriving.


+  Weekly Bible Study & Life Coaching

+ Weekly In-Person or Virtual Group Training

+  Lifting Technique Reviews: During our 1:1 sessions, I will evaluate your form and teach you the proper lifting technique so there is no confusion about how to do certain movements.

+  Nutritional & Gut Health Guidance & 50+ Recipes

+  Direct Access to Chelcie

+  BONUS  - Live Accountability Sessions: Group coaching calls to discuss nutrition, mindset, and more to help you redefine your relationship with your body and food. These calls will be with our inclusive community of women on their own wellness journeys, ready to see you win too!

Weekly Bible study & Life Coaching Tuesdays 7-9pm Weekly Live Training Thursdays 6am & 7pm On-Demand Monthly Budget friendly and nutritious meal recipes Private Facebook Group to grow in your faith Monthly progression workouts that build strength for beginners and advance

Striving to Thriving - Group Coaching

It's time to go from Striving to Thriving

"I was able to lift heavier weight than I ever had in my entire life, jumped higher than I ever have, pushed myself to new limits, and gained a ton of confidence in my abilities."

I've been working out with Chelcie for about 2 years. I started with her with in-person training because I needed a push and she provided that spark. The group that I worked out with, they were encouraging. We supported each other. And during that time I was able to lift heavier weight than I ever had in my entire life, jumped higher than I ever have, pushed myself to new limits, and gained a ton of confidence in my abilities. And that hasn't changed since we started to do virtual training I still challenged myself each and every day. Chelcie is great during the course of the class. Calling out who should be using a heavier band and who should maybe add weight to their workout. And I really reallly loved that. I love the push that she's giving has this coming from a place of someone who knows that you can do it and she just wants you to be your absolute best person and that is why I continue to train with her.


Image by Joe Woods

In 2018 I had an epiphany…

After years of struggling in toxic relationships, I realized that I was looking for love and acceptance outside of myself.


I was a single mother, working night and day to build my personal training business. My body was in the best shape of my life - but my mindset was in need of transformation.


The realization came to me that I needed to break the “measure up mindset” that dictated I had to constantly compare myself to others, work even harder, etc.


Not only did I feel this, I knew that so many women struggle with the same thing - keeping them in a cycle of stagnation, never finding clarity on how to prioritize their own well-being.


Once I realized this, I began to embrace the pain and disappointment of my own personal journey. I learned that my past doesn’t dictate my future and how to build a real relationship with my body and with God.


This internal transformation facilitates outward transformation, and that’s what I teach in my program.

This is the perfect program for you

If you want to develop a healthy relationship with your body, faith and food.

You’ll get support for developing your mindset, breaking down negative thought patterns, and getting ready for bodyweight exercises.


If you’re still on the fence, I want to help you make the decision. Thirty days is a short period of time to make any changes, so - before you enroll - we’ll sit down for an honest conversation via video to decide if this program will be a good fit for you. 


Then, if you aren’t satisfied with your progress over the first 30 days,

I can guarantee you a full refund.

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