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Ready to meet the new you?

It's your time to thrive.

With my exclusive wellness approach and the support of my one-of-a-kind community, we go beyond your physical goals to help you reshape your lifestyle, break free from limiting beliefs, and embrace the journey to health with grace.


Let's discover your unique path to wellness.

Ditch the struggle,

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Time to refocus on you

You do enough for everyone else, it's your turn.

I know you're busy. I understand how hard it can be to prioritize yourself. Together, we'll dive deep to ignite your motivation by creating simple systems to take your daily lifestyle and fitness to the next level.

Backed by faith, we will work together to improve your well-being and renew you from the inside out.  


Evaluate current routines and refine your habits to improve your overall health; mentally, enviromentally, physcially, and socially. 


Build confidence along your journey with education on proper form and fitness techniques that will get you results!


Discover your God given purpose as you break free from self sabotaging cycles and align with your goals.

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All it takes is one step forward.


Taking care of YOU is a priority, not an option.
It's time to fill your cup.


"I was never one that liked working out, but I noticed the turning point where it became a lifestyle and not a chore"

Working out with Chelcie has been awesome. I was never one that liked working out, but I noticed the turning point where it became a lifestyle and not a chore when I started looking forward to it and would even push myself on days when I didn’t feel up to it. My biggest takeaway from working out has been seeing my body transform right before my eyes because of my hard work and consistency. If you are an everyday working woman like myself and you are contemplating training, give it a try. Your body will thank you later.


Indulge in the ultimate self-care with a luxurious adventure abroad

Packed with exciting excursions, good eats, and mindful activities, you won't lift a finger after booking your wellness retreat!


This is the rest you deserve!

You're guaranteed to walk away with sisterhood, laughs, and reflections to last a lifetime. 

Treat yourself with a getaway!
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Chelcie Scott

Work up a sweat no matter where you are, and look cute doing it, 

with my exclusive Sweat it Off ™ fitness equipment and apparel. 


Long Resistance Bands


SIO Racerback Tank


Short Resistance Bands


SIO Stone Washed Cap


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A holistic wellness program for professional, high-achieving women of faith who not only want to look and feel good, both inside and out, but also desire to unlock powerful mindset shifts and uncover deep-rooted limiting beliefs.

Learn how to release your guilty relationship with food while synchronizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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